Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Chianti's Café and Restaurant

Hit and miss but a great deal, especially with the “Pasta Tuesday” deal which was on when I was there.  The score was difficult to determine because it can be a very nice meal, an okay yet filling meal, or entirely horrid.

Upon entering, just in time for the lunch buffet, I was underwhelmed with the look of the offerings, so a friend and I ordered from the menu.  He ordered the Jerk Chicken Linguini and I the Cannelloni.  Mine was just a smidge undercooked, coated in lots and lots of cheese, swimming in tomato sauce, and loaded with meat. Alas, the presence of lots of meat and cheese cannot guarantee perfection.  It was filling, though not unappealing:  nothing special. The sauce was merely okay, while the cheese omnipresent and the pasta, as I said, underdone.  At a pasta joint, it is not a good thing to have poorly cooked pasta. My meal was not gross or bad, just somewhat bland and unexciting. I ordered one of the simplest dishes, in a menu laden with strange fantasy pasta-nouveau mutant-dishes cannibalized from the wild and wonderful world of fusion cooking.

My friend’s Jerk Chicken, one of the aforementioned ethnicly flavoured pasta hybrids, was much better.  The small forkful I tasted was just a bit overdone and the sauce was creamy with just the right amount of heat to keep it exciting. The heat was not over powering, but livened up the taste buds and woke up the palate. Big chunks of mango offset this heat with their sweetness, mango and Jerk being a classic combo.  I did not taste the mango itself from his plate, so I cannot write about its freshness, but he loved it and sang its praises, so I assume it was spot on.   

I’ve been here before, at the same table, and had both horrible and delicious dishes. In the restaurant world consistency is king. The bread you get on you table just for sitting down is free and tasty.  It’s served with both butter and EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil for you neophytes out there) with balsamic vinegar.  The servers are normally competent and do a good job. I had to wait a bit for my coffee refills, but there was not an unbearable gap in my consumption of life-giving caffeine. There are often specials, deals, and buffets, and the regular prices are reasonable. Expect a decently priced meal which may range in quality from decent to poor, though will fill you up. If you’re on a budget, then this is a great place to go!

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  1. When I eat there I always order the Fettucini Fiorentina it is amazing, but sometimes the noodles are undercooked. I love their ceasar salad and the bread with the oil and vinegar are my favs. And the price is right for people on a budget, especially if you go on the pasta nights.