Sunday, 12 February 2012

Saboroso Brazillian Steakhouse

Two words: infinite meat. For the few of you foolish enough to still be reading, and have not already abandoned this blog in a mad dash to your car to join the halls of endless meat, I will now unfold for you my own culinary adventure…  

What seems like a million years ago I visited Saboroso Brazillian Steakhouse on 8th Street. I am always, to put it politely, “lax” in posting my reviews. However, this one is months behind and you can blame University. I do. Since my last review post I have actually gone here twice with friends or family. I do not suggest attempting to assail the mountain of meat alone. I speak of rodizio. Rodizo is a style of BBQ popular in Brazil. For a fixed price they will parade a constant array of meat-laden metal skewers before you to choose from. Before I forget, I think I should mention that the menu does offer more than just the rodizio. This includes: paella, gnocchi, lasagna, some seafood, and vegetarian options (for people who are lame and don’t eat meat).

Okay, back to ceaseless meats. Ordering rodizio gains you admittance to a buffet of side dishes. The sides are, for the most part, tasty and plentiful. There is: a crab and avocado pasta salad, chick pea and heart of palm salad, crispy squares of fried polenta, salad greens and dressings, cold cuts and cheese squares, beets, mashed potatoes, rice, tapioca cheese bread, Feijoada Brazilian stew, Pico de Gallo, and the ubiquitous Brazilian condiment known (to those who know it) as chimichurri. Chimichurri is like Brazilian ketchup, if ketchup was a super herby-green mixture instead of a tomato-sugar paste.  

The sides all tasted fine, some were even excellent, and I seldom have anything but hatred for buffets. But, be careful not to make the rooky mistake of filling up your plate when going through the buffet. Beware the sneaky little fillers that monopolise valuable stomach-real-estate meant for meat. I saw a few people at other tables committing this error. Plates full of sides and the since desire to be polite and finish it all, not letting anything go to waste. Amateurs. Take only a little from the buffet. Leave room for meat. 

Upon returning to the table, we placed the small block of wood to the green position, this indicates, “go.” The red side indicates, as you may have guessed, “stop.” With greens blaring, our tables got the meat-parade under way. The meat-bearers began, one after the other, to offer us their wares. We had: bacon wrapped filet mignon, beef tenderloin, ribeye, striploin, chicken drumsticks, linguica sausage, pork loin, leg of lamb, Picanha rump roast, and pineapple (yes, you are right, a pineapple is not a meat).

I liked most things. Rather than a play-by-play of everything I ate, I will just highlight a few items. I loved the lamb, the bacon-wrapped sirloin, fried polenta, mojito, and cinnamon & brown sugar pineapple. I was not crazy for the tapioca cheese bun (but my wife liked it, I didn’t care for the texture), the linguica sausage (I really wanted to like it because it’s done in house), the bean stew (but to be fair I am not much of a bean fan), and I really didn’t like my Caesar. 

I have, wherever I go, my mandatory Caesar to judge the quality of the bartender. This Caesar has bacon rolled around a picked bean! I was looking forward to it since I saw its sexy picture on their website. The Caesar I had so lusted after lacked in every good flavour a Caesar should have. Watery Clamato with not enough heat, spice, or acid left it tasting like nothing but vodka. However, they have an amazing Mojito, best I have tasted in Saskatoon. They muddle a massive amount of mint into it. Also, if you are hankering for an over priced but magical drink try the Hickory and Apple wood Smoked Manhattan. It was magic. Comes under a glass dome they open up in front of you. Smells like campfire, but in a really good way. Also, we shared a yummy coconut sorbet served in half of a coconut. So that is pretty cool.

On my first visit the service was not great. I had to wait a long time between refills of water and booze. The second visit our server was better, he was the one that talked me into the smoked drink. The restaurant is really, really dark (that is why there are so few pictures) and really, really, REALLY LOUD! I had to shout just to talk to people at the same table. I’d suggest learning sign language but is useless because it is too dark to see anyways. It is dark enough that half the time I used wrong side of the knife to try and cut my meat... no, not the handle, it’s not quite that dark.    

The pros far out weigh the cons. It is a great experience and even if $34 is more than a usual steak, you can eat enough meat to offset the coin. I ate enough that I felt like I won. I had a lot of delicious food and had a great time. So did the rest of my party. Everyone enjoyed themselves. You should visit this magical land of infinite meat. You should also prepare yourself for eating WAY too much. Don’t plan anything strenuous afterwards. You’ll be lucky to roll yourself from the table to the car and from the car to couch. No post-meat yoga. Bad idea. 

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  1. Fair review, but I would like to correct you on the lamb statement. Nowhere in the menu it says the lamb is served with parmesan. Here is the copy paste from their web site : Leg of Lamb
    Boneless Leg of lamb cooked to perfection

    It is served with a rosemary mint soy au jus. The striploin is dusted with parmesan and the porkloin is smothered in a parmesan bacon creamy sauce. So the gauchos were both correct although might not have described it fully.

  2. I was the one that made the correction and I work as a server at Saboroso, hence I see the menu every was always correctly defined, however with ten different cuts its easy to mix them up, especially in a darker restaurant like Saboroso. I am very pleased you updated your blog, and thanks again for your review. Hope to see you again some time.

  3. Thanks for the info. Updated. Also, I will be back!