Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Who goes to a hotel restaurant for a meal? Out-of-towners, tourists, and now me. I have a healthy distrust of a restaurant that does not need to rely on repeat customers for business. I always suspect they are preying on tourists. And, often I am right. So when my mother-in-law invited us to meet her at the hotel restaurant I was a bit skeptical. But the meeting was in the Sheraton so how bad could it be? I was pleasantly surprised by the food; I thought it was quite good. I ordered the Canadian Blue Burger, my wife a flatbread pizza, and my mother-in-law a fig & chicken gouda sandwich with salad.

I guess I should mention that we were meeting for breakfast. Uh, well, early lunch. My point? I was tired. The coffee was excellent. Too many places serve watery anemic stodge that has no effect on a seasoned caffeine addict like myself. A hotel is accustomed to tired people waking up too early for meetings. They left us a craft of coffee. We crushed it.

Water, on the other hand, was harder to get. The server was not very good at keeping my glass full. Sure, I do drink a lot of water but it was not busy. And, for you regular readers, how was the Cesar? No idea. I thought that having breakfast with my mother-in-law before class was not best time for me to start drinking. I didn’t even check to see if they were licensed, a surprising amount of restraint on my part.

Enough about drinks, on to the food! My burger with blue cheese had, not surprisingly, blue cheese on it. What was shocking was the amount of blue cheese, WAY too much. It would have tasted great had there been less of it. I had to take off most of the blue in order to taste the burger at all. Once I fixed the ratio it was very good. My fries were crisp, salty, and delicious. My wife’s meal was a flatbread with bruschetta and cheese. What kind of sick demented person would not like cheesy-bruschetta on bread? It tasted as excellent as you would expect it to. My mother-in-law had nice sandwich with a salad that was also tasty. It was served with a saskatoon dressing; I wish more places in the city used the berry we are named for. Saskatoons are delicious and very versatile.

Over all, I enjoyed myself and would return. However, like anyone who lives in the city I just don’t think to go and eat in a hotel. Perhaps it is unfair. I don’t know why I have the idea that restaurants live in their own little building and that ones in hotels are not worth checking out. In many cities across the world that is where the best places are. As a local, however, it just does not occur to me when thinking, “where should I eat today?” Guess I will need to start thinking more inclusively when coming up with my dining schemes. I would not have tried this place had my mother-in-law not invited us there.

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  2. Wow, it's a beautiful place. The thing that surprised me the most was how much I love the carpet upstairs.
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